Let me begin by saying,
I certainly do not know everything about
vaping. However, I can comfortably say I know more than the average person and I try to learn more everyday! I do love to vape and I love Star Wars, so the title seems fitting.

Below you will find some tips and tricks I have learned from
being a pretty hardcore vaper, just remember these are merely my opinions and by no means are they "the end all".    -- The JEDI

Mouth to Lung VS Direct Lung
Over the past 5 years, vaping has split into 2 main styles, or methods. "Mouth to Lung" is more akin to smoking analog cigarettes. A tighter "draw", harder to pull on, stronger throat kick, and generally higher nicotine strengths. You inhale into your mouth, and then into your lungs, just like smoking. "Direct to Lung" is more like ripping a bong, big open airflow that you just breathe in the vapor. Higher density of vapor output, lower nicotine strengths (due to the increased volume), and bigger hardware overall are associated with direct to lung. Neither way is "correct" nor is either way "wrong" they are just subjective ways to get vapor into your body! I vape DL about 95% of the time; and of that, about 75% of the time I'm running big "cloud making" rebuildables. Whichever way you prefer, there are products out there for you. Vaping is a very intimate & personal habit. With a good sense of humor and patience you can create YOUR ideal setup!
I want to make my own cloudy atmosphere just like you!
I have been vaping for over 5 years and throughout that time I've used nearly every style of vaping imagineable. From the very beginning I was attracted to rebuildables and the "hobbist" side of vaping. I prefer to make my own coils, my own juice, and the quality of my vape is consistent with how much effort I put into it lol. Occasionally I use "commercial" setups, and that is generally from a desire to be easy. Don't get me wrong, there are alot of great vapes created from commercial hardware, and pound for pound alot of them operate very close to rebuildables. But at the end of the day, I personally enjoy the finicky precision required for building. And so can you, just know there is alot of time, money, and dedication put into anything worth while! That being said, please see below the section on Mechanicals.... 
cleanliness, Cleanliness, CLEANLINESS!
Let me be frank, a majority of the customer problems I see in the store stem from dirtiness. I have seen battery terminals fused with the charger because they're so caked with juice. The result? The battery becomes separated from its inner-workings and of course, will no longer function. Too many times I have seen tanks with chimneys so packed with food, lint, and debris that they were completely occluded. Batteries that looked like they had spent the weekend at a mudding rally. Folks, if you take care of your PV, it will take care of you! When I fill a tank, I take an extra 30 seconds to clean and inspect. Make sure all the seals are in place. Wipe any residual liquid from the threads and the body. Give your coil a twist (if you can) and make sure it is still seated properly. Once fully assembled, give it a toot before putting it back on the battery, make sure the draw is good and there are no gurgles. Wipe the battery terminals and inspect the threads for dings, dents, or problems. Just remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of problems down the road.
Priming coils, and why it's the MOST important step in vaping!
You just dropped a paycheck on the newest, biggest, baddest mod ever made. You have your favorite juice that tastes like the lips of an angel. Batteries charged. Afternoon schedule cleared. Pour that juice in, hit the button, and go to heaven!! "**Cough, cough, choke, gag**....that was straight fire in my mouth!" So this happens every single day to some vaper somewhere, guaranteed. Lets recap some vaping engineering. When you look at a coil, you'll notice that around the wire is a bunch of white fluffy looking stuff. This is organic cotton (usually), and it is pushed up tight to the coil. It's purpose is to wick the juice onto the coil, when you push the button electricity causes the coil to heat up, and make vapors. Well if that cotton was dry when you hit the button, then you just burned it. And nothing you can do will get that damage, and flavor, out of that coil. Priming coils means placing a small amount of juice directly into the coil, prior to filling and using, and then giving it enough time to ensure all the cotton is saturated with the juice. Skipping this step, or not doing it correctly, will most likely result in a less than stellar vape experience. And it's preventable, just take your time, and do it right!
So I can put any liquid I want in this, right?
Well technically, yes you can. Most e-liquids are made up of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavoring, and nicotine (if you want). However, all liquids are not created equally. There are multiple grades of ingredients on the market and the end product can only be as good as the individual ingredients. In "bad liquid" they most often use cheap, low-quality nicotine resulting in a harsh feeling, bad taste, and overall unpleasant experience. Many of you have probably heard me use the analogy "There is a reason there is Coca Cola and Wal-Mart Cola". Although they're similar, most people would agree there is a difference in quality. I always recommend using the best quality e-liquid you can find, certainly only Made in The USA, and don't get hung up on strength; use what you like and what works for you. Generally avoid any liquid that is cut with water, alcohol, or anything other than the 4 standard ingredients.
Liquid, to steep or not to steep, that is the question.
This is a pretty heavily debated topic, and I don't see it going away anytime soon. Coming from a guy who has made A LOT of liquid (both in number of flavors and sheer quantity) here is what I have experienced: For the most part, good liquid is always good and bad liquid is always bad; though, both can benefit from steeping. I have never made a liquid that was incredibly good raw, and terrible 4 days later. Nor have I made anything that was disgusting in the beginning and magically better later on. I have found a few flavors that were anemic when raw that blossomed beautifully in a couple days, and some with a medley of flavors that I just did not care for after a few days. Everything bad I have made was bad in the beginning, bad in the middle, and bad in the end. You can find articles with a whole host of ways to steep liquid. Hot water bathing, ultrasonic bathing, moving in and out of a refrigerator, even steeping in the armpit of a middle-aged European man (I’m joking)! By all accounts from industry know-it-alls most of these recommendations are purely anecdotal. Time and oxygen are the only important elements when consistently steeping liquid. Open to the air, in a room with no direct sunlight, at comfortable room temperature (low- to mid-70's), is usually the best option. As a rule, any liquid that requires steeping time longer than a week, makes me HIGHLY skeptical. This is usually indicative of low quality ingredients which need extra time so they don't taste like @$*%. Personally, I don't worry much about steeping. In fact, I enjoy the adventure involved in the evolution of liquid from 2 mins old to a week later.
That’s a monster in your pocket!
Pants pockets destroy more PV's than all other methods of annihilation combined. Let me repeat this, PANTS POCKETS DESTROY MORE PV'S THAN ALL OTHER METHODS OF ANNIHILATION COMBINED! Do I need to go for 3? Whether in your front or in your back pockets, something atrocious (and generally incredibly messy) will occur. When you walk, sit, run, bend, etc. you force anything in your pockets to bend and flex. Whether you separate the battery or bust open a tank, something bad will happen eventually. I know it is convenient to throw your PV in your pocket, but doing so is playing with fire.
So heed my warnings.
I want a tank guaranteed to NEVER leak!
You and I both! Folks, here is the reality, there is no "perfect" tank or battery. Certainly there are lower quality tanks, and certain styles in general, with a higher propensity for leaking. But honestly, anything on the market today is susceptible to leakage; furthermore, it is highly likely that it will happen at some point. Rather than asking IF it will happen, rather when and how bad the leaking will be. This industry is no longer in its infancy, but definitely no older than toddler stage. Like an 18 month old human, it is rapidly growing and changing. Global demand FAR exceeds manufacturing levels. There are clones of clones of originals, and many companies just trying to turn a quick buck. Keep a sense of humor.  Remember that no matter what, this is better than smoking, and we can all enjoy the trip together.
I can’t get my fix!
Warning: This section is subjective. Your overall vaping experience is a combination of product quality and the way you use your battery, tank, e-liquid (the last being exceedingly important and often overlooked in the equation). What's the best voltage or wattage for you? Why don't you tell me? Then we will both know. The way I vape is perhaps not the way you want to vape. Generally speaking, top coil tanks have a tighter draw and bottom coils more open and airy. Dual coils (top and bottom) produce more vapor, but keep in mind they use more liquid. There are only a few ways to truly misuse a PV. There are so many ways to use your PV more efficiently. You see, PV tanks work by drawing in oxygen, which passes through the coil resulting in the vapor we see and experience. Covering these air holes can result in a tighter draw or worse, no flow at all. A PV is not a cigarette (obviously) so do not hit it like a cigarette! By drawing in too fast and hard you starve it of oxygen giving you a weak hit. I have lost count of the number of times I have seen people treating a PV like a cheap blocked cigar, red in the face from sucking so hard. A slow, controlled draw will result in copious vapor, so let the machine do the work for you.
Rebuildables, mechanical mods, and why most of you shouldn’t use them.
2014 was definitely the year of the rebuildables and mechanical mods (moving into high wattage regulated mods by the end of the year). For those of you unfamiliar with these terms, a rebuildable atomizer (usually a dripper) is a way to vape where a person wraps their own coils, wicks them, and can make some insanely large clouds. Mechanical mods are just that, purely mechanical. No wires, no circuitry, no computer chips, just a metal tube and a mechanical switch. This may seem extremely simple, and it is, but also requires the MOST knowledge about the scientific theory of Ohm’s Law. If you do not take the time to heavily educate yourself, almost guaranteed what you are doing is dangerous. As in you have a pipe bomb that will go off at some point possibly injuring and or killing yourself and perhaps others in the near vicinity. Then you have the vapers that know the dangers but choose to ignore them, these people irritate me even more then sheer ignorance. “I’m not going to vent a battery, it’s fine.” Really you ignoramus? Do you think anyone that has vented a battery thought it was going to happen but did it anyways? Yes I know what a pulse rating is, and it’s not there to be operated in. It’s a safety mechanism by the manufacturer so in case of a catastrophic incident the battery does not immediately vent. The sheer danger due to ignoring recommendations was so prevalent that even companies such as Sony STOPPED making certain batteries stating fear of litigation from injuries. Regulated high wattage box mods have largely alleviated the dangers and really opened up a whole world of exciting new coil builds that mechs just couldn’t push effectively. But we still have rules in the shop for mechs, and we always will, and if you don’t have respect for that then you can’t vape here. Just that simple. We want everyone to enjoy vaping and to do it safely.    
Is this safe for me? Safe around my pets, family, general public?
Yes, no, probably, maybe! You can find all these answers in various articles and by asking others' opinions. Truly, the only safe way to vape is not to vape at all. That being said, it is generally unanimous that this is a far healthier alternative to smoking analog cigarettes. Many reputable experts have tried to find the hidden horrors in vaping but have been unsuccessful to date. These products have been around since 2003 and are currently used by billions of people worldwide. It is valid to point out that we do not yet have long-term (20 years, 40 years, 50 years) worth of studies and evidence to make a definitive call. But the fact that an athlete was able to run the entire New York marathon, while continuously vaping, should tell you something about whether or not this has negative effects on your lungs. I have not seen, heard of, experienced, nor read of vapor causing asthma attacks, glaucoma in Fluffy the family pet, or causing parakeet deaths. There have been a few stories about PV batteries blowing up and/or starting fires. The problem I have with the articles I've read is ambiguity.  They are so vague it's difficult to ascertain what actually happened, events leading up to the incidents, quality and age of the PV, etc. We vape heavily in the shop and at home and have never had any residual odors or problems. Right now, I use 6mg nicotine strength and go through over 10mLs a day and I have no plans on ceasing or desisting!

Cheers & Happy Vaping!