DNA250c vs Omni v4.0

David vs Goliath. Ali vs Frazier. Tyson vs Holyfield. Unstoppable Force vs Immovable Object. Humanity has been defined by intense struggles and overcoming obstacles where the very rules for existence are formed. I’m not sure this reaches that level of importance but it was a lot of fun and understanding this industry from the top down helps us see where we’re headed and what we’ve accomplished. So without further ado, I present to you the Omni 4.0 vs DNA250c.

As a specific exercise I was wanting to take these two boards head to head, but just so we’re clear the devices they are in as tested; Polar by Vaporesso with the Omni v4 & Paranormal by Lost Vape with the DNA v250c. If you’re just interested in the results, here they are; DNA handily won with a 30% margin (subjectively), but my all day preference would be the Omni, and the Polar EASILY defeated the Paranormal! I get that sounds confusing, and I have full intention of explaining all that word soup lol.

How did I compare the two you might be asking yourself? I built my standard .22’ish ohm / KA1 / 32g / 10 strand braid in a Drop RDA. And I also built a .12ohm / SS316L / 32g / 10 strand braid for temperature control in another Drop RDA. I did not hook either device up to any scientific equipment, I didn’t conduct a double blind study with thousands of participants, but I did rely on my 6 years as a professional vaper to give a fair and reasonable assessment.

Let’s compare the two devices to begin with. The Polar mod has perhaps the best “hand feel” I’ve found in the industry. And yes I am a bit of a Vaporesso fanboy, but that’s not effecting my opinion. It genuinely feels like a Revenger and a Switcher had a baby! Beautiful screen, nice big clicky buttons, vibrant colors with interesting paint schemes, and just very little to complain about. Sincerely a pleasure to hold and look at. The Paranormal feels like a high end device with very good machining, dense weight, and a mix of materials. But I found the overall form to be clunky, with an awkward hand feel, annoying fire button, and ever so slightly raised 510 connection. So the fire button worked impeccably with zero functional concerns, it’s just so smooth / recessed it’s difficult to find without looking and you learn to just “push in the general area” to find the depression. I also understand that not everyone is concerned with appealing fit & finish, but having a millimeter gap between my RDA and device just drives me batshit crazy! Finally, gunmetal frame / body with an amber colored resin ring under the 510, black and red checkered rubber, and black carbon fiber or real wood panels is just too much going on for mine eyes.

Now comparing the chipsets, which I’m going to try and do with as few of words as possible. First of all temperature control, I do not on a regular basis vape using temperature control, nor does 99% of vapers. That being said, the DNA250c was absolutely flawless, as in, it felt exactly the same in temp control as it did in straight wattage mode! Throughout the years the finicky nature of temp control has basically doomed it in the industry. The promise of better flavor just couldn’t overcome the subpar vape experience. Very few (if any, I can’t think of any off the top of my head) manufacturers even make temp control coils anymore, frankly I doubt we even see temp control by 2019 in any mod or coils. The Omni had fantastic temp control…for standard temp control vapes. It does suffer from a slight “surging & fluttering” vape experience which is common place in temp control. I’ll say it was better than anything else I’ve tried, but the DNA250c was flawless, and head to head there wasn’t much debate in a winner.

Not all vapers realize the next topic. How a mod handles the electricity, and how the power is sent/received by the coil, effects the overall vape experience and flavor. Back in the day when all mods utilized Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), we got used to the “rattlesnake buzzing” and flavor profile associated with it. Since then we’ve learned oceans of information and the vape experience has gotten increasingly better year after year. The clarity and consistency of power with either of these mods is unsurpassed in my experience. In fact, the DNA250c is SO good I prefer the Omni board! I found the DNA unflinchingly perfect to the point of being distracting in its crystal clear sharpness. The “instafire” implications of the Omni weren’t my preference, but hitting a commercial coil, a Vaporesso Cascade in this case, it was a perfect vape. When using any of the regular wattage settings, I was vaping around 4.2v but the Omni board automatically jumped that to 6.3v for the first half a second. Being a very experienced coil builder, I know how to bend metal to get my desired vape, and this setting was negatively excessive in my opinion. Vaporesso did include the “SP – Special Player” mode which is just your pure unadulterated wattage choice, plus it has a cool skull logo, and this SP setting won my heart over with blissful dense clouds.

And in my opinion, the final consideration of this epic battle, cost / value for money. I’m going to make a comparison here; if the vape industry was the automotive industry, the Polar would be a Ferrari and the Paranormal a McLaren F1. These are both legit “high speed, low drag” devices that should appeal to a high end consumer. Now that that’s out there, Polar = $80 / Paranormal = $200! Seriously, not a typo. ANY device carrying the DNA250c is going to be $200+ and whether or not that’s reasonable is a subjective decision. 1. if you want the absolute best vape available, 2. if you’re a “techy - nerdy” type of person that wants complete control of their chipset and likes fiddling with electronics (I didn’t get into the eScribe software associated with Evolv for the purposes of this review), 3. if you’re a diehard temperature control vaper, 4. or you simply fall in love with a device running that DNA; those are the scenarios I would recommend buying a DNA over an Omni. Here’s the reality, 99.2% of vapers use wattage control, they use the same wattage all the time, and they never get into most of the “other” amenities on their device. Here’s my previously mentioned 30% margin broken down; 10% better at temp control, 10% better at delivering power, and 10% better overall safety & battery management. Yes it’s better, but not exactly in things that most vapers will use. The Polar by Vaporesso at $80 is basically like buying a brand new Testarossa for the price of a Camry, and the Paranormal you’ll at least get your money’s worth.