About Us

Since 2000, traditional tobacco sales have dropped 3.4% a year. First quarter of 2018 RJ Reynolds reported a 5% decline in sales. We are currently experiencing the lowest adult & underage smoking rates in the nation's history, and the rate of decline is increasing every year! Why aren't politicians & the media blowing up this news and supporting a health revolution? 46/50 states HAVE TO SELL CIGARETTES or they risk defaulting on Master Settlement Bonds! In Washington State over 80% of taxes collected from tobacco sales fund our schools. This is not a conspiracy, it's black & white public information.

On April 19th 2016, Washington State Governor Inslee signed into law Senate Bill 6328. In part it reads,
"Entry into the licensed premises is restricted to persons eighteen years of age or older; (Sec 19.1c)".

The intent was to prevent "secondhand vape" from effecting underage individuals. Regardless of the science behind this, or our personal opinions, The Fix Vapor Cafe is happy to comply with this otherwise very reasonable and well-crafted legislation. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause some customers and respectfully ask our patrons to be understanding that this is Washington State law.

Our Promise To You

At The Fix Vapor Café, we are dedicated to supplying our customers with only the best quality products available. We have worked diligently with our distributors to ensure that everything in our store is a genuine, brand name product, shipped directly from the industry leaders in vapor technology. The market is flooded with low quality "knockoffs" that only serve to frustrate consumers and waste their hard earned money. However, you can rest assured that at The Fix we guarantee the authenticity of our products and we will never take shortcuts!

We have been on this rollercoaster of an industry for almost 5 years now, and without sounding like a braggart, we are pretty darn good at what we do! All of us are ex-tobacco users, all of us started small and worked our way through the ranks of new technology, and our collective knowledge base is second to none. What we are really known for is our e-liquid. Customers travel far and wide, from out of state, and can't get enough of it! We continue to believe in using the best ingredients, in the right combination for the best preformance, and with nearly 300 flavors to mix and match, customization is king!